Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What We're Up Against 

M. Giuseppe Abote passes along:

A real letter from an actual American in this week's installment of "The Ethicist":
My wife and I are the parents of a profoundly retarded 24-year-old son. His cognitive abilities with respect to language are nonexistent. He has no conception of the meaning of ''to vote.'' This past election my wife took him into the voting booth and made his selections for him, without question in his best interest. According to Pennsylvania law, this is legal, but is it ethical?
Blicero adds:

Consider, if you will, the conclusion to "The Ethicist"'s response:
The essential question is this: Is the voter making a decision? In your son's case, the answer is no.
To me, the essentialler question is: Is the Diebold black-box voting mechanism making your retarded son's decision for him? In Ohio and Florida, the answer may be yes.


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