Monday, June 28, 2004

AmCop Honored at MaxSpeak 

speakingcorpse writes:

Max Sawicky had a contest for "most vicious comment" in a blog featured on the blogroll of Glenn Reynolds, or Instapundit (by far the most-read right-wing blog, and probably the most-read blog in the whole blogosphere--he's a big law prof. in Utah). The idea was to counter Reynolds' constant scanning for "vicious" and dangerous comments that have appeared either in the comment threads of, or on blogs that are linked to, famous liberal blogs. Max's response was to ask readers to find the most vicious fascist remarks in Instapundit's comment threads, or in blogs like Little Green Footballs, which are on Instapundit's blogroll. Needless to say, Max ended up posting some horrifying stuff. Then he had a second contest, asking readers to find the "most vicious" stuff on blogs that are on the Maxspeak blogroll. This is kind of a celebration of angry writing, meant to contrast with right-wing fascist viciousness by being funny and interesting. So one of our Amcop readers (John Boy)nominated my thing on Russert's dad and the idea of praying for the Kent State murderers. And it's been chosen to be an official contest entry! It's on MaxSpeak now!

Blicero adds: The award-winning speakingcorpse post is "Do not ask for whom the flag waves. It waves for you" from 6/4/04.


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