Friday, June 04, 2004


The Gallup Poll. May 2-4,2004. N=1,000 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3 (total sample).

"In your opinion, is the death penalty imposed too often, about the right amount, or not often enough?"


23 Too Often

25 About Right

48 Not Enough

4 No Opinion
I have an idea for how the death penalty could be administered more "often." Each of those 48% of Americans who think the death penalty (aka "the ultimate punishment") is imposed "not often enough" could volunteer to execute themselves. A poll could be conducted to ascertain whether this select group would prefer to die via

a) beheading
b) being thrown out of an airplane
c) buried alive
d) hurled into glacial crevasse or "moulin"

President Bush, who has already been executed, could show some real leadership on this issue, urging his fellow Christians to hurl themselves into the "moulin" for the love of Christ...

How can so many people allow themselves to be complicit in such an obvious, obvious evil? How many of those 48% do you think have thought for two fucking minutes about what the death penalty is?

Chien: want to volunteer? I charge you guilty of crimes against humanity, Jesus Christ, and America. Be a good citizen and step up.


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