Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Brooks: Crap Is Good Enough for Me, As Long As Other People Have to Eat It 

Brooks says:
A few weeks ago, The National Journal, the highly respected and highly expensive Washington policy magazine, asked a dozen distinguished and politically independent economists to grade the Bush administration's economic performance...

As a group, the panel gave the Bush team a B-plus for short-term fiscal policy, a C-minus for long-term fiscal policy, a B for regulatory policy and a B-minus for trade and international economics. These aren't the grades that win you a Rhodes scholarship, but they're not too bad.
A C-minus for long-term fiscal policy is "not too bad"? This must be a corollary of Brooks' assertion from March that
The people who succeed most spectacularly, on the other hand, often had low grades. They are not prudential. They venture out and thrive where there is no supervision, where there are no preset requirements.
I wonder if Brooks' celebration of mediocrity stems from the fact that he himself is possessed of a middling intellect, and long ago decided that since he would never be able to distinguish himself thinking and writing for a humane audience, he could achieve "success" shitting and regurgitating for an audience of coprophagics?

"No preset requirements." Amazing. He just strings words together, one after the other...


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