Friday, June 25, 2004

Dear Hitler 

Dawkins writes:

Dear Hitler,

In the latest video ("The Coalition of the Wild-eyed") posted on your campaign website, you have taken clips of Adolph Hitler's oratory and spliced them into a montage of sound bites from Al Gore, Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Dick Gephardt, and John Kerry, to make the point that the anger these public figures display toward your policies render them equivalent to Hitler.

(Apparently, you have used the Hitler clips originally compiled in an amateur political video entered into a MoveOn.org contest that suggested that you are Hitler.)

To set the record straight:

Like the MoveOn.org member's video suggested, you -- not Gore, Dean, Moore, Gephardt, or Kerry -- are Hitler.

You, like Hitler (who burned down the Reichstag), allowed the World Trade Center to be destroyed to sow terror and shore up your illegitimate office.

You, like Hitler, have consolidated your political "base" by appealing to the basest racism, bigotry, and xenophobia of your nation's citizens.

You, like Hitler, have invented foreign enemies, invaded sovereign nations, and stirred nationalistic zeal to a frenzy to distract the nation's attention from your wanton destruction of the underprivileged classes of society.

In due time, you, like Hitler, will be forcibly deposed from power, and in the waning moments of your reign, hiding in your bunker, foaming from your mouth, with scrapes and bruises across your face, you will shoot yourself in the head (with Saddam's pistol) to avoid answering for your crimes.

Then, you will join Hitler -- not only in video image and sound, but bodily, spiritually -- in hell, where your burning corpse will burn Hitler's corpse, and vice versa, for all of eternity.

Thank you again for your new video, "The Coalition of the Wild-eyed." Best of luck with your campaign.


Subj: Re: Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-eyed
Date: 6/25/04
To: BushCheney04@GeorgeWBush.com

Dear Mr. Mehlman,

Of course I'm going to support President Bush in the fall, but I'm afraid this campaign video has gone too far. I find it tasteless to compare one's opponents -- even Al Gore or John Kerry -- to Hitler.

In the future, please take the time to consider alternatives to using Hitler imagery in your campaign videos.

Thank you.

M. Dawkins


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