Saturday, June 19, 2004

Does anyone recall something about some sort of 'torture' occurring? 

speakingcorpse writes:

Here is an excellent column, which makes the point that it is up to us voters whether or not America will become a country in which torture is legal and human dignity is embodied by the corpse of FBI informant/genocide-advocate Ronald Reagan. I only disagree with this statement:
Voters -- ultimately the most important source of pressure on democratic politicians -- can petition their congressmen, their senators and their president for more [investigation]. If they don't, the elections will be held, the subject will change. Without a real national debate, without congressional approval, without much discussion of what torture actually means and why it has so long been illegal at home and abroad, a few secret committees will have changed the character of this country.
No, if the nation fails to investigate the crimes of its leaders, because voters don't care whether ragheads are raped, then the national character will not have been changed by the secret committees that ordered the torture at Abu Ghraib. Our failure will show us the true character of the nation, but this character will not be somehow new, not changed by recent events orchestrated by secret committees. It will be what it always was--bankrupt and stupid. Perhaps it is not. But if the torture gets flushed down the national toilet hole of denial, then we will be proven not only to be, but to have always been, a nation of criminals.


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