Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Firing Fecal Bullets from Behind Cover of Massive Tombstone  

I've been out of town, and am posting this late. GWBush.com has evidently removed the massive tombstone from immediate prominence. But rest assured the flags flying tall above the gas stations, post offices, libraries and court houses of western PA are still (at least when I left yesterday afternoon) flying at half mast.

Dawkins writes:

By now, I'm sure you are aware of the way in which the Bush campaign website has entirely given over its look and content in favor of a massive tombstone for Reagan. I invite you to witness it yourselves:


This is not an isolated, Reagan-only incident, however. Since it began its $70 million-plus campaign of negativity against John Kerry, the Bush campaign has ceased referencing George W. Bush as an aspect of its campaign. Instead, the enterprise is entirely anti-Kerry, pro-Reagan, and as we go forward, presumably pro-Ray Charles, anti-Kerry's VP, and then as we get into the late-summer/early-fall "surprise" season, what we can only now imagine:


Anti-massive NYC terrorist attack?

Pro-End Times Conflagration-Third World War in the Holy Land?

Mercifully, the new shape of the Bush campaign will spare us the image and sound of Bush, but, like a gangrenous curse on the American body politic, it will cannibalize the good, the bad, the hidden, and the apparent in the world. The Bush campaign will become a campaign against America, destroying and devouring everything, until the Bush campaign becomes America, and America is no more.

Blicero adds: The America that stands tall in your heart can never be devoured. (Especially if you suffer a coronary attack and/or die.)


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