Thursday, June 17, 2004

Is Andrew Sullivan Gay? 

Scats writes:

What happens when you break ranks:

Goldberg is positioning himself for a future falling out with Sullivan and giving the nod to the wingers to let loose the hounds. It will be interesting to see how far they go in making Sullivan pay for his ostensible treachery and what Sullivan's audience will do. We may have another David Brock in the making.

If so, this is great news. Taken together with Tony Blankley's recent cartoonishly anti-Semitic comments it looks as though the Right is reverting to form. All of the '90's category mishmash that gave guys like Sullivan a career is coming to an end as the reactionary wing of the party increasingly kicks it old-school. The more they make being a social conservative a necessary concomitant of being an economic conservative the more constituents they lose. When you take off that genteel cosmopolitan David Brooks/Andrew Sullivan mask to reveal Michael Savage then you've just lost the center.

Now if they could just alienate Drudge somehow.


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