Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Juan Williams: I, too, am a dead man 

Dawkins writes:

Juan comes out of the closet with an Op Ed in today's NYTimes, "Bush Shouldn't Write Off the Black Vote." He confirms something we've suspected for a long while: that he's a brain-munching zombie fuck face.

Juan touches on Bush's treatment of black people!

"By giving Ms. Rice and Mr. Powell so much clout, President Bush is miles ahead of any other president, Democrat or Republican, in his treatment of black people."

Juan reminds us that Bush's people have "talent" and/or "ability":

"More important, the president, by appointing people of genuine talent and ability, has created a climate where tokenism is rarely part of the debate."

Head scratcher:
In private conversations, administration officials make the case that they want the black vote. But it is also clear that they are not planning to work hard to get it - in part because they are still angry over the black response to their efforts in 2000.
Why, and on what grounds, are the Bush people "angry over the black response to their efforts in 2000"? What would justify "anger" that they didn't get more response from black people? And what, by the way, were these "efforts"? To suppress black access to voting in Florida and throughout the south? Help us here, Juan.

For a laugh:

"As governor, Mr. Bush took the conventional conservative position that hate crimes legislation could lead to a dangerous increase in prosecutorial power."

Remember when Bush saw an increase in prosecutorial power as "dangerous"?


"…The president needs to begin reaching out to black Americans. Fortunately, he has a lot to say."


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