Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mass Corpsophagia 

I thought it might be worthwhile to reprise an AmCop headline from a few months ago:

Does Bush qualify as a zombie, in that he literally survives off of corpses of various types?

Answer: yes.

I can't survive without the blood/flesh of the living--or, alternatively, the "blood"/"flesh" of recently deceased soulless robotic entities.

He was an actor, people--a B-movie actor who slathered himself in makeup, went on television, and crooned reassuring nonsense to an infantile populace. And this, apparently, caused everyone to piss themselves silly with happy rage.

And now, once again, the nation is being asked to aggressively sodomize itself in pious worship before the altar of image-based bedazzlement.

I heard Al Franken earlier talking about how he wishes Bush would attend the funerals of some of our slaughtered soldiers instead going to subject himself to Reagan's "state funeral." But why? Who cares? Bush could attend funerals from now till (the evidently all-too-near) Kingdom Come. What difference would it make? A living corpse attending the funerals of dead corpses? Would it make Bush seem "alive" by contrast? Would it prove that after a lifetime of failing to learn what either life or death are/mean, he could somehow improve himself? The only way Bush could improve himself is perhaps by embalming himself, though I doubt even this "treatment" would prove salutary.

I'm leaving. AmCop will be back Friday, in time for the "national day of mourning." Pray for me, readers, because the American countryside will be crawling with zombies.


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