Saturday, June 19, 2004

More Bling for Buck than Malta 

Scats writes:

The most succinct argumentation I've yet seen on the matter:

Now we can just tell conservatives that in order to salvage our national pride from the dread French (or Singaporese!?!? At a quarter of our costs! The bastards!) we should overhaul our healthcare delivery system and institute universal single-payer. We'll reduce government waste and influence, be able to spend some of that cash on a shiny new missile defense or another tax cut (or servicing the, ahem, debt). They'll get elected by a landslide in the bargain and may even be able to throw another war on the cheap!

But how are they going to run a political campaign without all that drug and insurance money? Not to mention that it would violate the basic principle of morality that people should not get something for nothing. Much better is the current arrangement where we get something for four times what it costs Malta. Much more moral to extravagantly waste everyone's money to benefit a small segment of the population.

But hey, at least we're kicking the crap out of Sierra Leone. Boo-ya! How ya like me now, Malawi!?

...where the hell is Malawi? Wes?


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