Wednesday, June 30, 2004

New York to Cheney: Go Fuck Yourself (and also Eat Shit, and Die) 

This is speakingcorpse here, posting by myself for the first time, from the computer of Blicero:

Bad news for Red Sox fans (Yankees crush Sox) was offset earlier this evening by a display of generous, magnanimous, and strong-hearted humanity by tens of thousands of admirable New Yorkers in attendance at Yankee Stadium. Those at the game were treated very badly: having paid to see the baseball game, they learned during the seventh-inning stretch that they had been unwittingly forced to share the stadium with the dying asshole-birth, Dick "Dick" Cheney. He had been sitting with George Steinbrenner, in his private box, for part of the game, and between George "Half-Dead Droning Deflated Plastic Robot" Pataki and Rudoph "Thin-lipped Pointy-Nosed Corpse-Exploiter" Giuliani for the rest of the game. After "God Bless America" had been played during the seventh-inning stretch, the song and America itself were soiled by the idiots at Yankee Stadium who had already made the mistake of letting Giuliani, Pataki, and Cheney into the ballpark. The stadium staff apparently thought that the sentiment expressed in "God Bless America" should be associated with the deadly image of Cheney, who was shown, at the end of the song, on the stadium screen. The crowd could easily have rioted in respose, or left en masse, or tried to commit collective suicide with hot-dogs. But instead, the assaulted fans kept their presence of mind and simply booed. It was, as I said, a display of the best of the human spirit. Read about it here.


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