Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A time to "recognize" "land" 

Dawkins writes:

You can tell their campaign is continuing to unravel just by "recognizing" the frayed and confused rhetoric and logic of this campaign email:

"President Bush declared the month of June as Great Outdoors Month, a time to recognize our nation's abundant resources and land."

A time to "recognize" "land"? He "declared" this? When?

"President Bush has worked hard to help protect these resources and has a record of historic achievement and a positive vision for the future of sportsmen."

What is his "record of historic achievement"? More perplexing: what constitutes a "positive vision" for the "future of sportsmen"?

And is the "future of sportsmen" currently endangered?

"The true strength of our Nation lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens..."

Okay, I'll buy that, but then the rejoinder to that clause:

"...and I urge all Americans not only to visit our parks and recreation areas, but also to volunteer their time and talents to help maintain the beauty of our environment."

One simply does not follow logically from the other.

By the way, does any resonable person think that if they showed up a national park ready to "volunteer their time and talents," there'd be:

a. anyone around to help them put their "talents" to use
b. anyone around who'd actually let them but those talents to use
c. anything they can do to help in any event, i.e., how is some individual at a national park supposed to use their "talents" to roll back three years of pro-pollution, pro-oil company environmental rape and pillage?

"Good stewardship of the environment is not just a personal responsibility, it is a public value..."

Sorry, this stands in stark opposition to what Dick Cheney has already said about conservation, and we don't buy this new line here.

"Americans can take pride in the remarkable progress we continue to make in conserving our environment and natural resources."

Does not compute.

"President George W. Bush"


And then the jarring segue into the campaign-speak:
We have a hard fight in the days ahead and the President needs your help to grow a strong base of support and enlist thousands to join our campaign. You can help communicate President Bush's positive message by encouraging others to become Bush Volunteers, writing a letter to your local newspaper, and by forwarding this e-mail to five friends interested in getting involved. For more information on how you can help support President Bush's efforts, visit www.GeorgeWBush.com today!
"Encouraging others... writing a letter... forwarding this email..." But what happened to volunteering at the local garbage dump?


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