Friday, June 25, 2004


Regarding the video "The Coalition of the Wild-Eyed" currently posted at the Bush campaign website, Stand Up and Holla! writes:

I like that they use the doctored video of Michael Moore (remember that mini-scandal, how CNN upped the audio when there were boos during his Oscar speech, and had to apologize? This ad uses THAT footage!!!). This is fucking insanity...I felt sick when the nice music comes on at the end. Completely nauseous.

It's honestly like the kind of thing you would stumble across on TV in the middle of the night on some cable access born-again Christian channel. It's so scary... from the shitty production values (look at the editing during the Nazi scenes, where they are superimposing the quotes about how God told him to strike at Al-Qaida (over a picture of Hitler), as well as the brutally choppy audio), to the surreal "words" below the monitor where the movie plays, which are mysteriously labeled "latest headlines" ("President Applauds Those Who Stand for Freedom," "President Touts Compassion Agenda for Brighter Future").

I feel like this came from another planet.

Dawkins adds:

What makes it so bizarre and confusing and addled is that I think the Hitler images were taken from that controversial MoveOn.org contest entry in which an amateur FinalCut jockey made a video with Bush side by side with Hitler.

But it makes it all the weirder that the Bush video uses THOSE Hitler clips to make the point that Al Gore et al are Hitler, when they could have just gotten some fresh Hitler clips. Unless they're trying to make the circuitous point that Gore et al are Hitler because some MoveOn.org member (who, by implication, Gore supports?) made a video suggesting that Bush is Hitler.

Blicero adds:

It's like a freaking Mr. Show skit. I ain't afraid a no rolley-coaster!


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