Thursday, July 15, 2004

America mocked, desecrated, ruined; and that's not the worst of it. Not even close... 

Just in case any of you have forgotten, our government has taken it upon itself to murder civilians, to torture them, to rape them with chemical lamps, and--now we learn--to sodomize small children. And the government has done all of this in your name. That is, the government has said, implicitly and explicitly, that you, you personally, want and need it to rape and murder innocent civilians, among them small children. Just follow this link to read a precis of Seymour Hersh's speech last week to the ACLU (here there is another link to a video of the speech). Among other things, Hersh refers to the horror of hearing, in still-unreleased videotapes, the cries of young boys being raped. He also notes, in case you were wondering, that the famed terrorist Zarqaqi is actually a "composite figure," and that we have no idea who is leading the resistance.

(This image was created by the great sculptor Richard Serra. Visit this site to see his image of Bush eating the head of a child; the image pays homage to a great painting of Kronos by the Spanish artist, war-hater, and terrorism-advocate, Goya.)


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