Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bob Dole: Nasty, Ugly, Embittered Old Corpse 

I've been enjoying watching Larry King along with George Mitchell and David Gergen nod happily along with Max Cleland and Wes Clark as they praise Kerry's war record, character, leadership qualifications. But then, every three minutes, they have to cut to an image of a corpse with clotted black splotches for eyebrows blowing sound-air out of a desiccated, puckered hole in the lower part of his vacant-eyed face.

This nasty old fart--who literally can't go two seconds without expressing his unpurged bitterness over the '96 election--actually had the audacity to say (in "contradiction" to the others' views) that Kerry had "flip-flopped" on Vietnam, since he went from doing the good thing (shooting at gooks in the jungle) to doing the bad thing ("going before Congress and talking about Vietnamese being killed and ears being chopped off...denigrating the United States of America").

Can't you see Dole's point about how Kerry had "changed" his "views"? Being a war hero in Vietnam naturally indicated that he was for killing gooks and chopping off their ears. Then, later, after he got back from Vietnam, Kerry stopped being a war hero, flip-flopped, and said he was against killing gooks and chopping off their ears. See the contradiction? He said he was against killing gooks, even though up until quite recently he himself had been killing gooks. See how his "views" did "a 180" there? Why couldn't he just adopt a "viewpoint" and then stick with it? Is there no consistency in this world?

I guess I should feel sorry for this "virile" husk of a man, who is obviously out of his depth, out of the loop, practically out of the fucking world. But, he chose it, he loves the camera, he needs to do his turd-spitting before a live TV audience--and so he deserves this benediction:

Dole: when you die (and hopefully it will be soon) just know that as the pundits and your fascist colleagues and the nation's image-makers descend on your corpse to feast (a corpse that will no doubt have been much improved, both appearance and taste-wise, by the minor alteration of death), know that some of us will be spitting on your grave for the bad you've done in this life.


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