Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bush "Called Names" by Uppity Negroes 

President Bush said Friday that he has a "basically nonexistent" relationship with the NAACP's leadership and he refused for the consecutive fourth year to speak to the group's national convention.

Bush's assessment of his relationship with the nation's largest civil rights organization was a sharp reversal from his rhetoric during his last campaign. Then he spoke to the group's convention as part of an effort to show he was a different kind of Republican and said that "there is much we can do together to advance racial harmony and economic opportunity."
The NAACP said Bush is the first president since Warren G. Harding not to meet with the group while in office.
As a member of the Kos team aptly notes:
Let's first be clear that the Bush campaign isn't simply not going to the NAACP convention, they're deliberately and publicly snubbing the NAACP, and this snub was planned well in advance.  The White House and the Bush campaign would have known probably a year ago that the NAACP would be in Philadelphia this weekend, and they would have planned the PA bus trip months ago.  Not only did they decide not to go to the convention, they deliberately planned on being in PA at almost the exact time of the convention to draw more attention to the fact that Bush would not appear before the NAACP.

Oh, and I wonder which black activist-group leaders called Jeb Bush which unforgiveable names, because down in Florida they're still purging black people off the voter rolls while attempting to keep the Latinos on.


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