Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bush spawns oblivious infantile brat 

It would be easy to dismiss the brouhaha about Jenna Bush sticking out her tongue at reporters as so much idiotic gossip-mongering by the zombified media--which it surely is.  

But it also shows the kind of girl that results from 22 years of spoiling and abuse at the hands of a failed abortion and a demented moon-faced lump.  Think about this:  this girl is traveling with her father, who has been declared President of the United States.  And she is ostensibly campaigning for him--an official role.  She is employed by him.  And yet she can't even understand what's at stake for her father.  She doesn't even realize that he is in a campaign which she is supposedly working for.  For her it's all a joke.  She's the center of attention, all these schmos are following her, they can't get to her in her limousine, she's the one on the inside, they're stuck on the outside--ha, ha, ha.  That's all she can understand.  That's all her father's supposed presidency means to her. 

And sadly, obviously--that's all it means to him.  Being in this family means being rich, being famous, being the center of attention, getting your ass kissed.  Those are the family values.  The idea that anyone deserves any sort of respect is simply incomprehenible.  When you're campaigning for your dad, the press--however odious--needs to be shown respect.  Chelsea Clinton wouldn't have dreamed of doing this--even though, after the treatment she received from the media, she would have been justified in paying the Secret Service to kill a reporter a day.


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