Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Convention Night 1: Worst and Best 

A few highlights:


1. During the address by Barbara Mikulski (representing on stage the contingent of women senators, of whom she is the most senior) MSNBC was airing a "humorous" bit about a John Kerry look-alike.

2. CNN's axis of evil (Blitzer, Woodruff, Greenfield) discussing
a) how Kerry wasn't necessarily the same as Ted Kennedy even though he was "another liberal Massachusetts senator."
b) Jimmy Carter's "pacifism"; how he's "drifted to the left" of his party.

3. MSNBC's Tweety on how the Monday night lineup of speakers seemed unlikely to persuade any "undecided" voters.

4. CNN "senior political correspondent" Bill Schneider on how "the rap on the Democrats is they don't treat their losers well."

5. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: the evening was "a real missed opportunity" since people in middle America "don't care anything about Iraq."

6. Howard Fineman's head ironically framed by two people (inexplicably) holding up "Bush/Cheney '04" signs in the background.

7. Tweety and Fineman insisting that the Democratic platform "doesn't repudiate" Bush's policies.

8. The physical presence of Bob Dole. Can Viagra cause massive stroke followed by catatonia? At what point in the male aging process does dyed hair make one look indisputably corpselike?

9. Dole: "The Democrats don't recognize the catastrophe of 9-11..."

10. The "comedian" "Mo Rocca." Who is this idiot and why is he suddenly all over the TV and radio? Has there ever been a less funny comedian--ever? Is he actually a personified plague sent by the RNC to infect and debilitate the convention?


1. Clinton--amazing.

2. Carter:

--He was in the Navy under Truman and Eisenhower, "both of whom had faced their active military responsibilities with honor."

--That those two presidents "would not mislead us on matters of national security."

--That John Kerry "showed up" for duty.

--How the post-9-11 global goodwill has been squandered by "a virtually unbroken series of mistakes and miscalculations."

--That the U.S. "cannot lead if our leaders mislead; you can't claim to be a war president one day and a peace president the next based on the latest political polls."

--"At stake is nothing less than our nation's soul."

3. Woodward (on Larry King): "The Bush message is national indestructibility; do something to us and we'll come blow you up."

4. Of course, Jon Stewart. It's amazing to see what happens to humanoid court jesters like Brokaw and Russert when faced with the profound embarrassment of a person of normal intelligence who makes simple, (mostly) honest observations about things.


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