Thursday, July 08, 2004


From AMERICAblog:
I just heard from a senior inside-the-beltway source that the Republicans are planning to gaybait at their upcoming convention in NYC. According to my source, the Republicans have already rented mobile TV vans which they plan to use to film gays and lesbians protesting the Republican convention. The Republicans are hoping that some of the gay protesters will be dressed outlandishly in drag, etc. The on-site media vans will then film the protesters and beam the video to key election states like Missouri via various "Christian" TV networks. I was also told that the most outlandish protesters just might "coincidentally" be given the best access nearest the convention site, expressly so the media will see them.
Since the Repugs are planning a "liberal" presentation at their convention anyway, why not just broadcast extant footage of Giuliani in drag, or shacking up with the gay housemates who boarded him for a while after he got kicked out by his wife for having committing adultery inside his own house?

Why not just beam footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Doesn't his basic physical personage constitute "drag"? When John McCain powders his skull, is that "drag"?


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