Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Little, Evil, Apparently Walleyed Man 

If you need any more reason why should contribute to Richard Morrison (the guy who's running against Tom DeLay), read the latest from Krugman, who gives a nice summation of DeLay's decade-long successful efforts to eliminate checks and balances in the Texas and U.S. governments, guarantee a constant flow of corporate money to candidates who do his (and his corporate sugar daddies') bidding, and irrevocably entrench Republican power--all at the behest of the Kingdom of God! Krugman explains why it's basically a fluke that DeLay is even being investigated. As for our hopes for a good outcome from the investigation, Krugman notes, "Four of the five Republicans on the House ethics committee, where a complaint has been filed against Mr. DeLay, are past recipients of Armpac [DeLay's political action committee] money."


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