Friday, July 02, 2004

Michael Moore: Not Human Shit 

Hello again. speakingcorpse here, still at the controls, sitting at the desk of Blicero, where I am accompanied by two cats, whose inherent wordless dignity rebukes me for degrading myself by ingesting items of "news information" supplied by the machinery within this God-forsaken computer.

Having spent the last few minutes reading what brain-damaged bloodthirsty corpse-lovers have to say about Michael Moore, I feel deeply and irreversibly degraded. I am becoming, I fear, poisoned by what I read; merely responding to these "news articles" involves me in the death-process that has irreversibly overtaken the "journalists" that have produced them. Even as I write these words, I feel myself becoming, like CBS Early Show hostess "Hannah Storm," a piece of human shit. (It's remarkable the way the hostess's obviously made-up name itself announces that the entity to which it refers is not worthy of a real human name.)

At this point, the best I can say for Michael Moore--and I mean it as the highest praise--is that he is not yet human shit, not yet soiled beyond recognition by the people he has to deal with on a day to day basis as he plugs his masterpiece, "Fahrenheit 9/11." Make no mistake: the film, because it can be received as a human product even as it circulates through the media cesspool, is an historic masterpiece. It is a masterpiece because it is not shit. It does not lie; it does not celebrate mechanical corpse-production; it does not laugh in the face of the dying; it does not hypnotize its viewers with images of necrophilia, thereby inducing a guilt that can only be expiated by their own blind submission to a barely audible high-pitched hum that emerges from behind their televisions. Therefore it is a masterpiece. This is the basic point of Paul Krugman's New York Times column today. The movie shows us footage we haven't seen. It insists that Bush does not even deserve death, as he is undead excrement. It shows us human beings suffering, and contrasts this suffering with the passionless life of human shit. It therefore rises effortlessly above the media realm it surveys, exposing it is a landscape decorated with corpses and shit-sculptures.

See also this excellent column by Matt Taibbi. Taibbi denounces Christopher Hitchens, whom I would happily bludgeon to death, and he points out that it is absurd to get into any sort of detail-worrying discussion of the pluses and minuses of Moore's film when the "real" "journalists" deserve to be "be lowered, head-first, into a wood-chipper. Over Arizona."

Finally, and most importantly, please visit the CBS Early Show webpage, where, in the upper left corner, you can click on the video link entitled "Michael Moore Tees Off." The video shows an interview of Moore in which he humiliates--if it is possible to humiliate somthing inhuman--the semblance of a female countenance that has been labeled "Hannah Storm," which apparently functions as the hostess of that program.


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