Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New GOP-sponsored Movie, Made in Response to 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' to Give Viewers Exactly What They Want 

Hello, speakingcorpse posting again.

Michael Moore's movie is still doing spectacularly well: since opening at number one two weekends ago, making 24 million dollars, the film has made an additional 37 million. Two midwestern theater chains have refused to show the movie, claiming that it aids terrorists. (Right now I can't find the links to the stories that I read about the theater-chains and the box-office tally, so you'll have to trust that AmCop is reporting truthfully.)

Anyway, in response to the film's success, the GOP is sponsoring a new movie. Sources tell AmCop that the film's screenings will very innovatively engage audience members directly. At each screening, the audience will stare at a giant screen that is in fact a mirror that reflects images of the audience itself. During each screening, snipers ranged around the theater will shoot audience members one by one. Thus, each audience member will get to enjoy his own personal climax--the image of himself on screen, bleeding to death.


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