Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nicholas Kristof: Suicide-Bomber 

This is speakingcorpse posting again.

My first reaction to Nicholas Kristof's latest offering (it is an offering in precisely the way the shit of an infant or domesticated animal is an offering--the only thing it can give to its caretaker, and thus necessarily, when produced, a gift)--my first reaction was weary disgust and scorn. I thought, here is this Kristof, another so-called liberal, masturbating in public, worrying about whether Michael Moore is acting decorously and admirably, even as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Limbaugh, Murdoch, O'Reilly, Mellon-Scaife, Scalia, et al., have already inserted a missile deep into Kristof's asshole (and they've put missiles in the asses of the rest of us, too) and lit the fuse. I thought to myself that Kristof will still be having this public conversation with himself about the higher standards "liberals" need to hold themselves to when the fuses burn up and the missiles explode. One second he'll be mumbling to himself about decency, and the next, a fireball will come pouring out of his mouth, exploding his head, spraying fragments of his skull across the surface of the newly incinerated earth. What, I thought, is Kristof doing but waiting to be killed? Is he suicidal?

But a day of reflection (Kristof presented us with his excretion yesterday) changed my persepctive. Kristof is not (or not just) suicidal. He is also obviously thirsty for the blood of his fellow citizens. Perhaps this is obvious, but I'll say it anyway: Michael Moore, whatever his flaws, is not lying when he presents Bush as reluctant to go after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan with the full force of our military. The section of the movie that describes the Bush-Saud ties may not add up to a clear conclusion, and this may be frustrating; but Bush's reluctance to go after Al Qaeda is obvious, and it is so dangerous and stupid that it is impossible to account for it without impugning Bush's motives; and Bush's motives have to be somehow related to his family's ties to the house of Saud. Kristof's suggestion--repeated constantly by numerous liberal shit-eaters--that Moore objected in the film to the invasion of Afghanistan is a vicious slanderous lie. Anyone who watched the movie saw that Moore thought we did not go after Osama hard enough. Moore never says we invaded because of the Unocal pipeline; he suggests that the pipeline distracted Bush from the real business at hand.

Way too many smart people have been saying that Moore is the left's answer to Limbaugh. This is either a suicidal lie, a murderous lie, or both. Whatever Moore's inadequacies (including self-aggrandizement), they do not approach the systematic lying of the right's lying media "brownshirts" (to use Al Gore's word). Kristof says that Moore, and other "lefties," are now like Limbaugh because they call Bush a liar. Nothing Bush says is true (Kristof essentially acknowledges this), and yet to call him a liar is, according to Kristof, like calling Clinton a serial murderer. This is actually what the columnist for the New York Times newspaper says.

What is wrong with him? As I said, I first thought Kristof was merely guilty of liberal guilt, of suicidal nattering. If nothing Bush says is true, but he believes his own demented utterances, is he a liar, or merely deluded and incompetent? Kristof apparently thinks that dwelling on this absurd question is of paramount importance. But the fact that he thinks so, I've realized, can't be accounted for by referring only to Kristof's guilt complex, his wish to die. His remarks are so insanely irrelevant, so psychotically self-involved, so arrogant in their refusal to recognize the real political situation, the real dangers posed by people other than Michael Moore, that I have to conclude that Kristof actually hates not only himself, but all liberals, and indeed, the entire citizenry of the United States of America. He is actively and murderously trying to destroy not only himself but everyone around him.


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