Sunday, July 25, 2004

Not born in the U.S.A 

Kerry's prospects just got much brighter.  It appears that there will be all-star rock concerts throughout the swing-states in October of this year.  The headliner will be Bruce Springsteen.  Neil Young, R.E.M., and Pearl Jam will also appear.  But Springsteen is huge, and footage of him on local news stations denouncing Bush will carry a lot of weight.  His authenticity is beyond question for a lot of people.  He does not talk much about politics.  His announcement will seem to come from beyond the political realm entirely, and will therefore, perhaps, seem more like an annunciation.

But why does this matter so much?  Why are Americans so stupid?  And why is Kerry is so weak?  Why can't he find a way to convince people to vote for him as opposed to a failed abortion, a "man" who was never even born?

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