Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Perplexing expression of political consciousness by a professional athlete 

William C. Rhoden of the New York Times profiles Carlos Delgado, the All-Star first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays: 

Last March when the United States invaded Iraq, Delgado, in his own quiet way, said that for him, enough was enough. He had stood for "God Bless America" through the 2003 season but vowed not to do so this season. In an act of a simple, mostly unnoticed, protest against the war, Delgado, a 32-year-old first baseman, has chosen to remain in the dugout while "God Bless America" is played.

"It takes a man to stand up for what he believes," Delgado said Monday. "Especially in a society where everything is supposed to be politically correct."

"I am not pro-war; I'm antiwar," he said. "I'm for peace."


Carlos Delgado


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