Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Prattling Chimp 

When asked how Edwards stacked up against Vice President Dick Cheney, Bush said, "Dick Cheney can be president," an apparent swipe at the 51-year-old Democrat's political experience.

The president then quickly asked for the next question from reporters.
"Next," he spat. What a snide little shit. What a little angry baby brat. Who in their right mind could vote for this "man" without a genuine desire to either a) kill oneself or b) actually eat shit?

Not to mention that it's impossible for this cringing, cowardly little turd-gnome to emit any "words" at all without the words turning against him in a joke at his expense. (In this case, he states the obvious: insofar as someone in this government is fulfilling a president-function, Dick Cheney is in fact that "someone.")


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