Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Whoring Kept Up to Speed Despite Love for the Edwards's 

Woodruff: "[Edwards] talked about how they're going to fight the war on terror--it's a message we've not heard from the Democrats..."

Right, Judy: it's funny how the Democrats have never before now mentioned that they plan on fighting the war on terror. Weird. I'd thought they just planned on kind of dropping the whole thing...

Question for CNN: immediately following Edwards' speech, Wolf Blitzer turned to Ralph Reed--Ralph fucking Reed--for commentary. When the next "correspondent" you tried to interview, Victoria Clarke, couldn't be accessed due technical problems (evidently her head had become disattached) you returned to Reed and let him hold forth for a good five minutes. So, in fairness--and although there is obviously no analogy for Reed and Clarke in our party--immediately following Cheney's nomination speech, will you turn to first one and then another liberal Democrat to ask them "what they thought" of the VP's "presentation"?

(During this mini-shit-fest, MSNBC was interviewing an inarticulate and visibly intoxicated Dianne Feinstein.)


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