Friday, August 06, 2004

...and but also how about a little good news? 

Kerry's bounce is being reflected in the state polls that give us a picture of the electoral college vote. And in the electoral college Kerry's kicking ass. Some highlights:

In New Hampshire (which Bush won by a point in 2000) Kerry's up 9 points.

In the latest Pennsylvania poll Kerry's up 12 points (Gore won by 4 points in 2000).

In West Virginia Kerry's up by 4 (Bush won by 6 in 2000).

The latest Minnesota poll has Kerry up 8 points (Gore won by 2).

Bush's lead is slim in several states he won soundly in 2000: Arizona (3 points); Arkansas (2 points); Tennessee (2 points); Virginia (3 points). In North Carolina and South Carolina, which Bush won by (respectively) 13 points and 16 points in 2000, he is currently up 7 points in both states.

Kerry leads in the four major midwestern battleground states--Minnesota (8 points), Wisconsin (1 point), Iowa (4 points), and Missouri (1 point).

The electoral votes in all the states in which Kerry leads by 4 points or more (generally the margin of error) add up to 250 electoral votes. Bush controls 186 votes in this category. (And note: that doesn't count Florida, where Kerry's up by 3.)

In fact, Kerry's doing...whoa, what's that? Terror alert? Oop, gotta run...


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