Sunday, August 01, 2004

Colorado: Frontier of Democracy? 

Dave writes:

This could be the biggest story of the election. Imagine if all states started awarding electoral votes proportionally -- the red / blue state divisions would be replaced by a completely new calculus. I think Colorado is leading the country towards something important.
The measure would go into effect immediately for this year's presidential battle if voters approve.

Had it been in effect here four years ago, Al Gore would have been elected president.

The plan was denounced by Gov. Bill Owens and Ted Halaby, chairman of the Colorado State Republican Party. They viewed it as a political ploy that could bankrupt Colorado's clout in presidential elections.

"If that passes, Colorado will cease to be a factor in any presidential campaign in the future," Owens said.

Said Halaby, "This whole effort just doesn't pass the smell test."
Blicero adds: could it be any clearer that the Republicans genuinely hate and fear democracy? How can people not want proportionate voting representation? It seems so obvious--if only it could be explained to voters in a way everyone could understand, despite the GOP's best efforts to confuse them.


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