Monday, August 16, 2004

"Down with Keyes!" 

A brief update on the incredibly suspenseful senatorial race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Alan Keyes in Illinois. Keyes went this weekend to a huge Chicago parade in celebration of the city's African American community, where he was, according to the Chicago Tribune, greeted by "a resounding chorus of jeers and boos that bordered on outright hostility."

It seems that the humiliating appearance somehow got Keyes' brain-juices flowing: afterwards, he told reporters that abortion is tantamount to the "genocide" of African-Americans.

Also: did you know that Alan Keyes is himself African-American? I had thought that Barack Obama, himself an African-American, was a lock in this race, but now that I've discovered the interesting fact that Keyes is also African-American, I think that the race might be closer than I expected. After all, how will voters know which African-American man to vote for?


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