Friday, August 13, 2004


Haven't contributed to the Kerry campaign in a while? Or mistakenly under the impression that the time for contributions has elasped? Well, now is the time to contribute. C'mon, folks--everybody has to chip in. From the campaign:
You've done it again. When George W. Bush's Republican allies unleashed a vicious smear attack against John Kerry -- spreading lies about his service in Vietnam -- you responded with overwhelming support.

The Democratic Party is fighting back -- leaving no charge unanswered, no lie unrefuted. Your support has already had an impact. The Democratic Party just announced that it will begin a brand new hard-hitting radio campaign into battleground states.

And it is your support to our "Don't Yield an Inch" campaign that makes this possible. We can't let up, so donate now.


In just one day, you have shown Bush and his right-wing allies the consequences they face when they resort to the lowest possible smear tactics. But it is vitally important that we keep this momentum going.

Help the Democratic Party's efforts to battle the right-wing smear machine today.



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