Saturday, August 07, 2004

"In keeping with tradition..." 

In terms of this story from the WaPo--
GOP Star to Skip Convention

Powell, Following Cabinet Tradition, Will Stay Out of Fray

But in keeping with tradition, Cabinet officials do not speak at the conventions -- or other campaign events. So Powell will not appear.
--PSoTD over at Kos notes the following:
At the 1992 Republican convention in Houston, then-Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander, now a U.S. senator from Tennessee, was given a second-night prime-time slot.

What about this Cabinet Member this year?
Paige Given Prime Slot At the GOP Convention

It is a time slot often reserved for firebrand speakers and party favorites, and during the Republican National Convention next month, a portion of it will belong to Secretary of Education Rod Paige.
It's more like the time-honored tradition of not having a cabinet secretary speak at the Convention that would remind everyone of incredibly failed policies and strategies.


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