Monday, August 23, 2004

Intimations of a suicide 

"In defense of Kerry, aides distributed a copy of the candidate's comments on NBC's Meet the Press earlier this year, when he conceded the language was sometimes excessive."

-- Washington Post, 8/21/04

In anticipation of the coming attacks on Kerry's heroic testimony to the Armed Services Committee in 1971, his aides have started apologzing preempmtively.

Death. Certain death. Death embraced, with a bow and a scrape. Self-immolation on the national altar of demented patriotism and the hallowing of bloodshed for its own sake. Humiliated suicide in the face of an imminent murder.

It should go without saying that Kerry's only option in the face of the attacks on his antiwar activities is to assert proudly that he would have done no differently, that he had seen first-hand the consequences of a failed war policy and was obliged to speak out.

Apology is an admission of guilt and, worse, and an announcement of weakness and terror.

Kerry cannot be the commander-in-chief if he shows himself now to be terrorized, or if he sacrifices his corpse to the Republican terror campaign.


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