Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lunatic demagogue likens Illinois power grab to self-sacrifice of 9/11 firefighters 

Alan Keyes said this to CNN’s Candy Crowley on Monday:

I had no thought of coming to Illinois to run until the people here in the state party decided there was a need. Just as people faced with a flood, or people in the case of 9/11, would call on folks, firefighters and others to help them deal with the crisis that they were faced with.

The people in Illinois have called on me to help deal with what they regard as a crisis. But from the point of view of my own personal principles, I believe in federalism. And I had to think this through based on my respect for the principle of state sovereignty.

Okay, so if Keyes is like one of New York’s bravest on 9/11, that makes Barack Obama’s candidacy…. A flood? A burning building? An act of terrorism?

Thankfully, the Ambassador clears things up:

But I think when you have a candidate like Barack Obama who has turned his back on the principles of our national union, you have to stand in defense of those principles just as Lincoln did in the run-up to the Civil War. He understood that our respect for state sovereignty must be limited by our commitment to defending the principles of our national union. And that's what I am doing.
So if Keyes is Abraham Lincoln, that makes Barack Obama…. Jefferson Davis? Robert E. Lee? John Wilkes Booth?

What is Keyes talking about? The good people of Illinois will just have to elect him to find out!


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