Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Giving water to people at a protest at the UN under the auspices of the Progressive Tourism Bureau; also handed out leaflets which evidently directed progressive tourists to The Tank on W. 42nd Street [see below] where they could receive more water and/or be recruited to go out and distribute more water/pamphlets to other protestors under the auspices of the Progressive Tourism Bureau...you get the idea.

The potential-water/pamphlet-recipient target-field, near the UN.

They're at every demonstration, God bless 'em.

Death's Head. As seen from The Tank, with vomit dribbling down my shirt. (Shouldn't have taken off that apron.) Markos of dailykos.com was in the back of the room blogging. Also other important-looking but unrecognizable bloggers.

After Giuliani had finished the first night's concluding prayer by slitting his own throat on stage, The Tank got fun. Kerry-oke began; here we have "No Scrub," dedicated to you know who.


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