Friday, August 13, 2004


Scats writes:

Bill O'Reilly, in a debate with Paul Krugman on CNBC a few days ago, repeatedly accused the New York Times of never doing a story on the UN Oil-for-Food scandal while running "48" stories on Abu-Ghraib. To O'Reilly and his movement followers this kind of thing is just another example of liberal media bias, America haters wallowing in US mistakes while the UN gets off scot-free. Well tonight the NYT has on its home page this four page story detailing the UN scandal.

And the byline goes to? None other than Chalabi's stateside pimp Judith Miller.

Congratulations Bill, have a drink. You've earned it.

Of course there are other reasons that the story is being run now, and none of them have to do with Bill's mouth. But now come the really tough decisions for Bill. Will he crow about his victory and how he was able to shame the liberal media into being honest? Will he give the Times any credit at all for finally "doing the right thing"? Or will he judge that the story hurts his thesis of entrenched liberal bias and keep mum about it?

Stay tuned.


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