Friday, August 27, 2004

Pretty Sweet Debut MoveOn Ad 

MoveOn writes:
[T]oday we're upping the ante and launching a 10-week countdown featuring creative, funny, and beautiful ads from some of America's top directors and actors, including Rob Reiner, to Scarlett Johanssen, John Sayles, Matt Damon, and many more. We call it 10 Weeks: Don't Get Mad, Get Even! Each week, we'll pair one new ad with a couple of actions we can all take to make a difference as we speed toward the finish line.

Check out the breathtaking first "10 Weeks" ad, Benny Boom's "Everybody," now at:


If you like it, please show it to your friends. Anyone who signs up for MoveOn will be invited to watch each ad as it's debuted.

Then help us put it on TV by donating at:



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