Monday, August 23, 2004

USA Snapshots: A Visual Stethoscope on the Pulse of America  

by Stand Up and Holla!

Although Silverlake is a popular neighborhood with L.A.'s arts community and many of the city's gay activists, first and foremost it's a Latino neighborhood where the majority of residents are Mexicans. Anyways, it was fun to see 2 different organizations out there pushing for Latino support right across from one another.

Although the "Viva Bush" tent didn't seem to get a single visitor the whole day (maybe the cops assigned to keep people from trashing the tent scared any prospective recruits away?), the Rough Trade Home Video tent -- featuring a Mexican porn star named "Mario" hawking his latest feature (I shit you not: "Pokin' in the Boys Room") -- was a mob scene the entire afternoon.

Bush should clearly rethink his plan to attract Latin voters if he wants to woo them by November.

I walked around and checked out the rest of the booths after watching a set by an excellent L.A. band called Dengue Fever, which is a quirky indie-rock band fronted by a Cambodian pop star.

These baby outfits were selling like hotcakes,

which was inspiring, until I noticed that the tent next door was doing almost as well as Mario's.


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