Monday, September 20, 2004

Bill Schneider Rips Out Dentures; Crying for Death, Begins Gnashing at Own Face with Hand-Held Teeth 

From CNN Sunday:

LIN: So what do you make of what Dennis Hastert said today? I mean, do you think he really meant to say that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda want John Kerry as the president of the United States?

SCHNEIDER: Well, I can guarantee you, they don't like George Bush. Do they think there's a difference?

I think Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda network, who I am certain follow American politics, look at the messages coming out on their tapes. They seem to follow politics very closely.

They would very much like to defeat President Bush. But the question is, can they pull off the same trick that they pulled off in Spain?

What Dennis Hastert said is, "They'd better not try that. It won't work here." And my guess is, he's right about that.

In Spain they staged an attack a few days before the election, and in the end the government got defeated because it mishandled the response to the attack.

My guess is, there would be two ways of reading this.

If there's an attack shortly before the election, the Democrats would argue it proves that America is more vulnerable as a result of the war in Iraq. And therefore, Bush should be defeated. We are not safer.

The Republicans will say, "There's fear out there. There's anger. Trust us. We'll be strong. We'll show resolve."

My feeling is, when Americans are fearful and angry, they're very likely to stick with President Bush. And if -- if al Qaeda were to try that, God forbid, I think it would not work.

LIN: The election just weeks away. Bill Schneider, always good to see you.


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