Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bush-Cheney in '04, McCullough in '32! 

Stand Up and Holla! alerts us to the following:

[Editor's Note: Noah McCullough, 9-year-old Presidential trivia whiz kid, just wrapped up his online chat on GeorgeWBush.com. Noah, who plans on seeking the Republican Presidential nomination in 2032, had a special message for the blog about what he'll be doing to ensure the re-election of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.]
I love talking Presidents and politics. This was very fun for me. I'll be speaking to local Republican groups in October about President Bush and helping to get him re-elected. I'll be talking about voting and how every vote counts. I'll be speaking about my experiences with the conventions and on the Tonight Show. I think the Bush-Cheney website is really neat. I'm honored to have had the chance to host a chat. I just got some more Bush-Cheney stickers that I will of course be passing out over the next 40 days. I'm talking Monday at a school board meeting about President Bush and why he's a great leader. In fact, this is the topic I talk most about. The Bush-Cheney team is doing a great job, and I know they'll keep up the good work. I read the website and emails often as so many others do, and I'll keep doing so until President Bush and Vice President Cheney are re-elected.

When I become President in 2032, I'll be asking the advice of our great President Bush and Vice President Cheney and their staff. I'm so excited about this election and looking forward to four more years of Bush-Cheney.


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