Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bush Lied, Received Special Treatment, Failed to Perform Military Duty: Proof 

So, the documents were fake but the information entirely accurate. Col. Killian's secretary Marion Carr Knox on 60 Minutes tonight reveals the following [headlines mine]:

Bush Not Fit to Lead: In Nat'l Guard, Disobeyed Direct Order

“Did or did not Lt. Bush take a physical as ordered by Col. Killian,” Rather asks Knox.

“The last time, no he didn’t,” says Knox, adding that Bush was advised to take the physical. “It was a big no-no to not follow orders. And I can’t remember anyone refusing to. Now for instance, with the physical, every officer knew that before his birthday he was supposed to have that flying physical. Once in a while they might be late, but there would be a good excuse for it and let the commander know and try to set up a date for a make-up. If they did not take that physical, they were off flying status until they did.”

Spoiled Child of Privilege Believes He Doesn't Have to Follow the Rules, Just like Ken Lay and Enron and Halliburton in Iraq and All the Other Bush Cronies Believe They Don't Have to Follow the Same Rules that Every Other God-Fearing, Hard-Working American Follows

Did Knox ever hear Killian talk about this, or did he write memos about Bush not taking the physical?

“He was upset about it. That was one of the reasons why he wrote a memo directing him to go take the physical,” says Knox. “I’m going to say this, but it seems to me that Bush felt that he was above reproach.”

Bush Lied About How He Got Into the Guard, Just Like He Lied About His Performance on 9-11, the Iraq-911 Connection, WMD's, the situation in Afghanistan, the Situation in Iraq, the Budget Deficit, Environmental Policy, the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, and Everything Else.

But did Lt. Bush get into the National Guard on the basis preferential treatment?

“I'm going to say that he did,” says Knox. “I feel that he did, because there were a lot other boys in there in the same way."

Bush a Spoiled Child of Privilege, Not a Man of the People; Bush Resented by Fellow Guardsmen for His Arrogance, Misconduct, Betrayal; Bush Has Always Put Politics, Personal Gain Above the Good of the Military, the Country

So what kind of officer was Lt. Bush?

“Bush seemed to be having a good time. He didn't seem to be having any problem with the other pilots,” says Knox. “But, his time there, it seemed that the other fellows were, I’m going to say this, sort of resentful of him because of his attitude … that he really didn’t have to go by the rules.”

Knox says the fact that the president was repeatedly missing drills was not lost on his fellow pilots.

“They missed him. It was sort of gossip around there, and they'd [the other officers would] snicker and so forth about what he was getting away with,” says Knox. “I guess there was even a resentment."

In 1972, Knox says that, for Lt. Bush, working in a senate campaign became more important than flying for the Guard.

"Well I think it is plain and simple. Bush didn't think that he had to go by the rules that others did,” says Knox.

"He had this campaign to take care of, and that's what he was going to do -- and that's what he did do.”

Bush's Superiors Covered Up His Failures and Poor Military Conduct Just Like His Daddy's Friends and Business Partners (Including the Saudi Royal Family) Have Always Covered Up for His Failures in the Military, in Business, and in Politics, Because Bush Has Always Failed in and Lied About Every Enterprise He Has Ever Undertaken

Knox says that Killian started what she calls a "cover-your-back" file -- a personal file where he stored the memos about the problems with Mr. Bush's performance and his failure to take a physical and the pressure Killian felt from upstairs.

She addressed one memo, and a reference to retired Gen. Staudt pushing for a positive officer training report on Lt. Bush.

"’Staudt is pushing to sugar coat it’ Does that sound like Col. Killian? Is that the way it felt,” Rather asked Knox.

“That's absolutely the way he felt about that," says Knox.


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