Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dead Heroes 

Remember: I fuck horses. I numb my brain with drugs, slather paint on my face, and then fuck horses. Why shouldn't I? I don't know what language is, so nothing matters.

I bite the heads off of babies and stuff them into my gullet. I pull the innards out of children, then strangle other children with those innards. I rape. I stomp. I smash my metal head into things. I'll fuck everything, kill everything, and destroy everything I can grasp. I'm so dazzling my mere presence kills, rapes, and plunders. That's why everyone loves me, and my "smile." I'll break you apart, "dazzle" you to death, eat you, shit you out, and stomp the shit until it glitters. Then I'll rape and plunder the glittering shit.

A couple CNN items I'm not going to click on, but be my guest:

1.) Bill Schneider reports on Schwarzenegger's appeal. PLAY VIDEO.


Whom does President Bush have most in common with politically?

John McCain

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ronald Reagan



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