Thursday, September 09, 2004

Flip Flop! Flip Flop! Flippity Floppity Flippity Flop! 

Dawkins writes:

Bush Now Backs Budget Powers in New Spy Post

WASHINGTON,Sept. 8 - President Bush said on Wednesday that he wanted to give a new nationalintelligence director "full budgetary authority,'' a sharp shift from anearlier position and an acquiescence to a major recommendation of the Sept.11 commission.

Can someone out there in the world point out how egregious a “flip flop” this one is?

Actually, Rand Beers puts it pretty well:

"The pattern is pretty clear that the president stakes out positions and holds them as long as it is politically tenable," Mr. Beers said. "And when it becomes politically untenable, he puts forward partial measures in order to appear to be a proponent and to co-opt the issue. And then he slow-rolls to avoid doing anything serious to follow up."

But who’s going to toss out the “FF” word? Might as well do it.

Meanwhile, in the chickens-come-home-to-roost department:

Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying


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