Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Here We Go Again 

NPR, pre-debate coverage.

1. Bush has opened a "wide lead" in the polls; this election is becoming almost one-sided.

2. Kerry has a problem with voters' questions about his honesty and trustworthiness.

3. Bush is coasting along on perceptions that he is both "a strong leader" and a "a regular guy."

None of the above 3 things is true. There is NO EVIDENCE to support any of it. But once again, the reason these memes are being repeated in the media is because they are being repeated in the media. Straight off Karl Rove's script, straight into the echo chamber. It's over. The media has once again been coerced into the ritual murder of the Democratic candidate--a candidate who (once again) didn't run a very good campaign, but who (once again) is obviously the better candidate. The media really do want all of us, and themselves, dead.

Well, they just might get it.


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