Friday, September 10, 2004

More Republican Postmodernist Claptrap 

Giuseppe Abote writes:

Here's all you need to know about these charges of forgery: they're untrue.

Typewriters have produced proportional fonts since the 1940s. The typeface in the memos is the same one commonly used in IBM Selectric machines of the time. And yes, kids, you can type superscript on a typewriter. And furthermore CBS has pointed out the same supposed signs of "forgery" in other Texas National Guard memos found in the public record and previously released by the White House.

In short, the memos are authentic. We've got Killian's son and widow saying he's not the kind of man, in their opinion, who would write such things. How would they know? Think about your own dad. Would you really be able to identify his memos?

What this really is, you know, is a concession by the Bush team that the memos are absolutely damning and that they are shitting themselves over them. That's why they've attempted this ridiculous Hail Mary pass.


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