Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pulling a "Golden Eagle": DeLay, Dead, Misuses Boy Scouts 

The campaign of Richard Morrison (the guy running against DeLay in his Texas district) provides us with this truly bizarre, yet not at all surprising, item:

According to a recently circulated invitation, DeLay will be receiving the Spirit of the Eagle Award from the Boy Scouts of America at a black tie reception on September 17. The confusion lies in just what award the Boy Scouts will be handing out. The Spirit of the Eagle award is, according to the Boy Scouts’ website, “an honorary posthumous special recognition for a registered youth member who has lost his life in a tragic accident or through illness.” Since DeLay survived his scouting days, his image consultants came up with a new award for him - the “Golden Eagle” award. The problem is the Boy Scouts of America don’t have a “Golden Eagle” award.

Want to give DeLay the ol' "Golden Eagle" right where it counts? Give some dough to Morrison.


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