Thursday, September 02, 2004

Umbric Objection 

From: Giuseppe Abote
To: letters@MSNBC.com

Dear editors,

Your story on Wednesday night's speeches at the RNC carries this headline: "Cheney, Miller take the fight to Kerry." Obviously, you are echoing the president's oft-repeated claim made in defense of the Iraq war that he is "taking the fight to the terrorists" "over there" so we do not have to face him "here at home." The inescapable conclusion is that you believe that New York City is a foreign country in need of invasion and, more importantly, that John Kerry is a terrorist.

Two days before that, after Rudy Giuliani addressed the convention, you posted a "Question of the Day" online poll in which readers could offer their reactions to the many questionable claims in the former mayor's speech by choosing from the following options:

"Did Rudy Giuliani's speech reassure you or move you to support the Bush-Cheney ticket?"

Now, come on! That is just Orwellian.

I am not even going to humor you by asking if you really intended to come off as unabashedly partisan and cruel as you have. Obviously you intended it. But I would like to ask: What are you thinking? And also: Have you no shame?

I have watched your channel and read your site for years now. But not anymore. You have gone from being a non-partisan outlet for harmless sensationalism to a clumsy and creepy propaganda mill. Best of luck in the future. I'll be over at Fox, where at least they are open about their biases.


M. Abote


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