Thursday, September 02, 2004

Whores, etc. 

Across the street from the Garden was the CNN media bus, parked next to some restaurant which had been set up as a CNN "Diner."

CNN has had kids working on streetcorners handing out little cardboard "CNN" signs, CNN magnets and CNN buttons. You'd think it'd be the most useless and miserable job imaginable--but the passersby loved this shit. The kids couldn't dispense the magnets fast enough. I guess people just like to get shit. Weird.

Candy Crowley ducks through Garden security, presumably after having been stuffing her fat face in the "CNN Diner." (Or probably she made them carry the food from the diner to the bus.)

I told Begala we were counting on him to do a good job. He concurred (i.e., that he should do a good job). This is just before he slipped into the Garden practically arm-in-arm with Tucker Carlson.

Not related, but last night as I was arriving at The Tank Joe Trippi was leaving. Later, after the Zell/Cheney corpse-a-thon, The Tank hosted an open-mic rant session. I gave two rants. The first was a kind of stilted version of my old "GOP to Celebrate Life" post. This fell pretty flat; only a few people seemed to get the Bush-is-a-partial-birth-abortion joke. My second rant--a more authentic, ranty rant--focused on the convention's corpsophagia, Schwarzenegger's fuck-devour-and-kill-you thing, and Bush's tautological claim-to-power-via-sheer-stupidity dynamic. It was a pretty big hit.

Afterward I talked to Kos. He (and evidently Atrios) are promoting the idea that tonight's baby-eating performances by Zell and Cheney will be seen transparently as the bloodthirsty, protofascist, swing-voter-averse assaults they were. I expressed my doubts.


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