Friday, October 29, 2004

Have I Gone Insane? 

How many times can I possibly go through the looking glass? I've got Randi Rhodes on the radio now, and she's talking about the new bin Laden tape as though it's going to be some sort of coup for Bush, since it'll distract from every other issue.

Now, I have been under the impression for some time that one possible October surprise would be the capture of bin Laden. Having bin Laden captured or dead would, everyone can agree, be widely perceived in this country as a triumph.

Now, we have a video showing that Osama is not captured, is alive and well, and is on the loose.

And that's supposed to be good for Bush? Am I going out of my fucking mind?

Has the hermeneutic death-loop binding Bush and Osama in eternal holy warfare closed so airtight that the signifier "Osama," regardless of context or reference, now means "Bush can save us"? The fact of the physical body of Osama on this earth is supposed to prove that Bush should continue to be president?

Am I going nuts? Somebody tell me it's not true...


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